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This is something totally random. Today, I was reading a book for one of my classes at Rowan University. The book was bought used. I found the note you see above tucked into the pages. I have no idea who wrote it. I have no idea what the note originally meant. However, since the book in question was a book about writing techniques and how to break out of your shell as a writer, I can only assume this note was meant for some kind of story.

So I figured I’d post it as a writing prompt. The seeds of a story are there. A mysterious stranger, an unplanned trip, a rendezvous that may not end up happening…

I’d love to see someone write a scene, a story, or a poem about this. I’m really curious to see what someone would do with it. If anyone wants to take up the challenge, I dare you to write something based on this. I double DOG dare you to. Then, let me know you wrote it (either leave a comment here, tweet me @cantrelljason, or email me at I’ll either link from my blog to yours if you posted it on your own blog, or you can send it to me and I’ll upload it here.

I triple dog dare you.