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12-18-12: An Actual Blog Post?
12-22-12: Flash Fiction
12-24-12: A Little Bit of Art
12-27-12: Revisions… Revisions, REVISIONS… HOOOOO!!!
12-28-12: Draft Two Complete
1-3-13: Blog Hop
1-9-13: Verbed-ing My Verbings
1-15-13: Liebster Award
1-16-13: Critiquing My Favorite Author
1-24-13: Adapting to a New Schedule
1-28-13: “Peep Show” of Manifestation and its Sequel
1-31-13: I’ve Been Published in “Quantum Fairy Tales”
2-7-13: A Severe Lack of Revisions
2-9-13: A Little Peek At Bad Ass Tock
2-9-13: A Poem and a Story
2-13-13: Back in the Saddle
2-13-13: A New Goal
2-22-13: I’m on Goodreads
2-24-13: Storytime Mondays
2-26-13: Number Nerd
3-3-13: Vote for Storytime Mondays
3-15-13: No Time
3-18-13: Linda and David Exercise
4-23-18: Roads
5-18-13: Now, where were we?
5-27-13: Progress and Decisions
6-6-13: Cut and Gone
6-19-13: Why?
7-3-13: Backstory
7-11-13: Conflict and Aliens
7-23-13: Reordering Scenes to Add Suspense
7-25-13: Number Nerd, Part 10
7-25-13: Figuring things out, One step at a time
7-27-13: My Journey as a Professional Writer, Part 1: Time
7-28-13: My Journey as a Professional Writer, Part 2: Research
7-30-13: My Journey as a Professional Writer, Part 3: Obstacles
8-1-13: My Journey as a Professional Writer, Part 4: Time Management
8-9-13: Changes to the Blog
8-13-13: My Journey as a Professional Writer, Part 5: Negotiations
8-15-13: Secret Project
8-18-13: Going with the Ideas as they Come
8-19-13: Kickstarter Project for the Short Story “Radiance”
8-20-13: Kickstarter Update #1: Some Background
8-21-13: Kickstarter Update #2: Creating the World
8-22-13: Kickstarter Update #3: Developing Strong Characters
8-24-13: Kickstarter Update #4: Goals to be Vanquished
8-25-13: Kickstarter Update #5: Sharing the Spotlight
8-27-13: Kickstarter Update #6: Poetry
8-29-13: Kickstarter Update #7: Art
9-1-13: Kickstarter Update #8: First Goal Reached!
9-3-13: Kickstarter Update #9: Business
9-5-13: Kickstarter Update #10: Planning Ahead
9-10-13: Kickstarter Update #11: Cover Art Progress
9-13-13: Kickstarter Update #12: Second Goal Reached!
9-15-13: Kickstarter Update #13: Counting Down the Hours
9-15-13: Number Nerd, Cubed
9-18-13: Kickstarter Update #14: Success!
9-20-13: My Journey as a Professional Writer, Part 6: Self-Publishing
9-22-13: Kickstarter Update #15: Finishing Touches
9-24-13: Time Management: Getting Caught Up
9-26-13: Author Branding, and Why No Fucks Were Given
9-27-13: Kickstarter Update #16: Rewards Sent!
10-4-13: Author Branding, and Being an Introvert
10-6-13: My Journey as a Professional Writer, Part 7: Advertising
10-8-13: My Journey as a Professional Writer, Part 8: Networking
10-10-13: My Journey as a Professional Writer, Part 9: #10k1day
10-13-13: My Journey as a Professional Writer, Part 10: Quitting My Day Job
10-14-13: Meet Author Megan Joel Peterson
10-17-13: My Journey as a Professional Writer, Part 11: Updating the Resume
10-20-13: NaNoWriMo
10-22-13: Advertising an Ebook
10-27-13: My #NaNoWriMo Plan
10-31-13: #NaNoWriMo Kickoff!
11-3-13: #NaNoWriMo Day 3
11-5-13: #NaNoWriMo Day 5
11-7-13: #NaNoWriMo Day 7
11-10-13: #NaNoWriMo Day 10
11-12-13: #NaNoWriMo Day 12
11-15-13: “Contamination” Draft 1– Complete! (Technically)
11-17-13: #NaNoWriMo Day 17
11-19-13: #NaNoWriMo Day 19
11-19-13: Random D&D Quiz
11-21-13: #NaNoWriMo Day 21
11-24-13: Mythology: Helen’s Guardians
11-29-13: #NaNoWriMo Day 28, a.k.a. Thanksgiving
11-30-13: #NaNoWriMo Final Count
12-1-13: Post-#NaNoWriMo: What’s Next?
12-2-13: #NaNoWriMo NaNoWager
12-4-13: Radiance – Now on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords
12-5-13: New Blog Design
12-10-13: #NaNoWriMo Burnout, Post-NaNo Writing, and Revisions
12-12-13: Post-NaNo and Slow as She Goes
12-15-13: When the Pieces Fall In Place
12-17-13: Strict Deadlines and a Request for Nagging
12-19-13: Deadline Update
12-21-13: Book Three, “Collapse,” COMPLETE!
12-30-13: New Year’s, Writing, Deadlines, and Depression
12-31-13: Finishing Draft 3 in 2013 and Starting Draft 4 in 2014
1-6-14: Exploring Characters, from Backstory to Climax
1-7-14: Cutting Out Dead Sub-Plots
1-9-14: Critique Partners, and Shifting Gears
1-11-14: Wordles
1-13-14: Belladonna
1-16-14: Characters
1-20-14: How to Decide Which Story to Write First
1-22-14: Suspense Without Death
1-27-14: Bull in a China Shop
1-28-14: When You Haven’t Written Anything New
1-30-14: Literature vs Genre Fiction
2-3-14: How Video Games Have Influenced My Writing
2-5-14: Starting Draft Five: One Month Countdown
2-16-14: Critique Partners and Body Placement Diagrams
2-20-14: Writer’s Workshops
2-26-14: Bipolar Disorder and Suicide
2-27-14: One Week Deadline
3-4-14: Deadlines and Illness
3-9-14: Tech-Savvy Feathered Velociraptors
3-23-14: Number Nerd, Part 100
4-10-14: Updates on Life and Writing
4-21-14: Character Relationships: Til Death Does Them Part?
4-23-14: Progress on Book Four, and Upcoming Plans
4-25-14: Blogging, Writing, and Photoshop
4-29-14: Revisiting Old Short Stories
5-2-14: Something at Stake
5-6-14: Scrivener, Microsoft Word, and Google Docs
5-12-14: Things You Don’t Know About Me (And How They Influenced My Writing)
5-13-14: Short Stories, Revisions, and Advertising
5-22-14: The Midnight Disease
5-25-14: Book 4, “Mutation,” Complete!
5-27-14: On Staring at the Wall
5-29-14: Planning the Next Book
5-31-14: Write One and Revise One By The End Of July
6-2-14: Juggling Projects
6-3-14: Poor Persecuted Villains
6-8-14: Fishing Trip
6-11-14: Postcard from the Blog
6-14-14: Raising the Stakes
6-16-14: Friendships Among Your Characters
6-20-14: Cutting like a Samurai
6-21-14: How a Game Led Me to a New Character
6-28-14: Sex, Purity, Lust, and Morality in Writing
6-30-14: The Economy of Sex
7-2-14: Romance Novels “Telling” Me the Characters are in Love
7-3-14: Making Sure Your Characters Actually DO Something
7-6-14: How Writers End Up On NSA Watchlists
7-8-14: Writing Isn’t A Hobby
7-12-14: Water Muse
7-18-14: Imperial Citation Needed
7-20-14: Papers, Please: Why Human Civilization Makes No Sense
7-20-14: The Victory in Christ Multi-Level Marketing Scam
7-26-14: Editing and Depression
7-27-14: Westville Baptist Church, Nothing Like Westboro Baptist Church
8-3-14: Combing the Manuscript
8-8-14: The Crucible
8-8-14: Book Addictions
8-12-14: Monster Motivation
8-16-14: Dapper Hats and Bodycounters
8-21-14: Inspiration vs Hard Work
9-5-14: Manifestation Cover Reveal
9-10-14: Interview with D. Emery Bunn
9-11-14: Manifestation: Arcana Revived Volume One
9-13-14: Autographed Copies of Manifestation
9-13-14: Magic Kiss
9-14-14: Magic Dance
9-19-14: Understanding the “Urban” in “Urban Fantasy”
9-25-14: Running Away
9-28-14: Religion in Fiction
9-29-14: Character “Speed Dating” with Gabby Palladino
10-1-14: Speedwriting
10-6-14: From Lazy to Insanity in 6.3 Seconds
10-7-14: Secondhand Heart, by Kristen Strassel
10-8-14: A Tale of Two Witches, by Lisa Dawn
10-11-14: How Two Gems Make A Novel
10-11-14: Revising Descriptions
10-12-14: Research: What Counts as a Source?
10-13-14: Awaken by Skye Malone
10-16-14: Fight Scenes: The Styles of MMA (MAGICAL Martial Arts)
10-19-14: Science and Religion
10-21-14: Fallen Son, Darkest Night
10-22-14: Review of Fallen Son, Darkest Night
10-23-14: Timelines and Continuity
10-26-14: Review of Secondhand Heart
10-29-14: Series and Stand-Alone Books
10-31-14: #NaNoWriMo 2014, Word Counts, and Revisions
11-9-14: #NaNoWriMo Progress and Updates
11-9-14: Timelines and Continuity, Redux
11-11-14: My #NaNoWriMo Excerpt
11-17-14: Infidelity and Morals in Romance Novels
11-19-14: Quick #NaNoWriMo Update
11-26-14: #NaNoWriMo 2014 Complete
11-27-14: What I Learned From #NaNoWriMo
11-27-14: When Thanksgiving Doesn’t Exist in your Books
11-29-14: Words I Shouldn’t Use in my Books
12-3-14: Scavengers
12-8-14: Superman and Vanity
12-9-14: Author Fragile Ego Syndrome
12-11-14: Unidentified Me
12-14-14: All I Want For Christmas is a Revised Manuscript
12-21-14: Sexist, yet Sympathetic?
12-28-14: Villains Killing Themselves to Keep the Hero Sympathetic
1-3-15: The Not-So-Evils of Technology
1-4-15: Science Fiction, Science Fact
1-20-15: New Years, Three Weeks Late
1-28-15: Faking Like You Know What You’re Doing
2-3-15: Fire
2-7-15: Zero Echo Shadow Prime
2-13-15: Schedules and Deadlines
2-17-15: Distance and Objectivity
2-18-15: Free Nukes in Chapter One
2-22-15: Guest Post: Creative History: On Building Deviltry
3-2-15: Revising for Patterns vs Revising for Story
3-5-15: Sweeping Out the Cobwebs
3-8-15: Red Dirt: A Tennis Novel That’s Also About Sex, Drama, and the Human Mind
3-12-15: You’re the First I’ve Ever Met
3-15-15: Pilgrims and Stealth Blocking
3-15-15: One Black Wall
3-29-15: Job Hunting
3-31-15: Trans Day of Visibility
4-4-15: Uncertainty About Feedback
4-7-15: The Things That #NonWritersSay
4-12-15: Labels and Corn
4-16-15: Writers and Self-Esteem: A Symbolic Interactionist Perspective
4-18-15: Gardening?
4-25-15: Cursing in Fiction: Why No Fucks Were Given
5-3-15: Ultron’s Motivation
5-4-15: Privacy and Respect
5-22-15: Gal or Fella
6-7-15: Self-Imposed Deadlines
6-13-15: Magic In Your Face
6-24-15: Writing Routines
6-27-15: To Celebrate or Wait
7-14-15: Character Gender and Binary Norms
7-27-15: Schedule Funk
8-1-15: Time and Combat
8-12-15: Past Conflicts as Backstory
8-15-15: Vampires and Magic: Your World’s Rules
11-17-15: Thanksgiving Drama Llama
12-11-15: Post-NaNo Failure Funk, Revisions Funkadelic?
1-21-16: Quasi-capped
2-13-16: Freelancing Like A Boss
3-3-16: Romancing the Ghostwriter
3-5-16: Breaking the Norms in Romance Novels
3-5-16: Review of Two Pairs of Shorts
3-30-16: Review of All the King’s-Men by Adam Dreece
4-30-16: Review of Sex Hell


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