Schedule Funk

All of my writing projects have been suffering lately. I’ve only been writing blog posts about twice a month (this is number two). I’ve only managed to work on revisions a couple of times, maybe once a week. I haven’t written any new stories or anything in awhile. And in general, I’m struggling to get back into some kind of regular routine.

I work best when I’m in a set routine. Getting up at a certain time. Writing blog posts certain days of the week. Setting goals on my writing or revisions and not going to bed until they’ve been achieved. Those sorts of habits work well for me . . . when I’m not in a funk. Finishing school, changing jobs, and struggling through “life” has led to quite a funk, and not the psychedelic kind. I have to figure out a way out of this funk and back into a regular schedule.

I can try to get some outside influences to keep me in line (read: friends to nag me until I work), but a lot of my friends are in their own funks, so that seems to be counter-productive. So for starters, I’m going to focus on a small goal. Getting back to three blog posts a week, like I used to do. Blogging about writing is a good way to get me thinking about writing, which in turn can get me in the mood to write. So this could be a good solution to getting through my current funk.

Though a little regular nagging certainly helps too.


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