Writing Routines

I’ve blogged from time to time about my writing schedule, the routines I try to set for myself, and my attempts at self-imposed deadlines. I try to get myself into a regular habit, where I work on my writing every day, making continuous progress. The problem is, my schedule with work, school, and life in general lately has been very erratic. It makes it hard to get settled into a regular writing routine.

Most of the time, I don’t even realize how much time has passed until I look at my calendar. I use a system I adopted from other writers online, where I earn a sticker every day that I write. According to my calendar, I’ve only written five blog posts and only revised four chapters of Contamination during the month of June. That’s only nine stickers. This is unacceptable. But every time I try to get myself into a more regular schedule, something falls apart.

It’s possible that I need to try some new habit-forming techniques. My daily to-do lists and my calendar aren’t quite cutting it. But one way or the other, I need to get myself into a regular routine. One where I make steady progress at getting these revisions done. I’ve got what I think is a pretty good story here, but none of you get to read it until I finish the revisions.

If anyone has any suggestions on ways to develop a more regular writing habit, please let me know. What works for you?

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11 thoughts on “Writing Routines”

    1. Steven King says we can’t just wait until inspiration strikes. 90% of it is hard work. You need to be sitting in that chair every day so your Muse knows where to find you when they decide it’s time for some inspiration.

      1. Well, that’s King’s perspective, but it doesn’t work like that for everyone. That’s what I meant by, ‘it differs from person to person,’ because I completed three books, all of which came about from inspiration, when it struck. Anyhow, whatever works for you…best wishes.

  1. Always hard making the time. Love the sticker system. Reminds me of, I think Jerry Seinfeld, where he would write a joke a day and put a cross in his calendar. He wouldn’t want to break his streak.
    Good luck juggling.

  2. I have an irregular schedule, but found that getting involved in a daily writing challenge group was what I needed. (Writingchallenge.org) I also benefited from a self-imposed yet external deadline: by making my book available for Amazon preorder, I was forced to have a finished product on a specific date. Stressful, but it worked! 😀

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