New Year, Three Weeks Late

If you’ve been paying attention, you might have noticed an extreme lack of blog posts lately. I blame a combination of depression, unemployment, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (not necessarily in that order).

Today is the first day of the new semester at Rowan University. The last semester before I get my master’s degree. After a month off, I really need to be back in school. I find I don’t do well without some sort of schedule or routine to keep me in check. The result is lots of lazing around, playing video games, and not doing any work on my revisions. Feel free to berate me about that last one in order to get me back on track.

It also leads to quite a few days where I say “I should write a blog post today,” then I end up not writing one. Mostly because it’s hard to find inspiration in a bag of Doritos and a Final Fantasy marathon. Those things are, however, chock full of calories and ennui.

On an up note, I’ve been talking to several people this past week who told me they finished Manifestation. Tock seems to be a fan favorite. I suppose that’s what happens when I take a cross between Kaylee and Agatha Heterodyne and give her flashy magic powers and a bad attitude. She’s quite neat.

I suppose that about covers what I’ve been up to. Hopefully today will be the real start of the new year for me. Though I do still have a princess to track down in FFIX, so I may be otherwise occupied.


10 thoughts on “New Year, Three Weeks Late”

  1. I’d scold you about the Final Fantasy binging, but (1) I’m happy to see someone else who likes IX, and (2) scolding tends not to work so well. That said, I was starting to worry about you- when weeks go by with no blog update, it makes me wonder, and worry.

    For now, let’s see how school and that schedule works for you, yeah? I’ll be hoping for more updates, though if all else fails, drop me a line and let’s talk Final Fantasy, mm? 🙂

    1. I appreciate your enabling of my Final Fantasy habits. As for school, the first day went well, except that I found out two of my classmates were overseas on fabulous vacations so I’m a little jealous.

      1. *tips hat* I’m not always the voice of reason, just usually. Video games are the one area I tend to let things slide on.

        Ugh, yeah, I think I’d be jealous about that, too. But hey, at least it went okay, mm? Fingers crossed that stays true for the remainder.

  2. Again, yay to your Final Fantasy stuff. 9 is a good one!

    Know exactly what you mean about not having a schedule or a plan. Had last couple of days off without one and when wife gets home from work she asks what you do, and I just stare blank faced.

    Good luck to building something that works for you, and save the princess.

  3. You can’t beat yourself up too badly. You’ve been working like a fiend. Look at everything you’ve been accomplishing–especially during NaNoWriMo. Revisions galore. School. Getting a book out there. Sometimes we have to “shut down” for a bit.

    Good luck with this next semester.

    1. “Shutting down” is definitely what I did. I seem to be in a very slow reboot process right now.

      Case in point: Today I slept for 14 hours. I don’t even know why. I guess I just really needed it.

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