From Lazy to Insanity in 6.3 Seconds

So things have been pretty crazy around here lately. As you might have heard, I published my first novel last month. I also started my second year of grad school, plus a new tutoring job in the Rowan University Writing Center.  Because of all this (okay, and a lot of time watching Star Trek), I didn’t get much writing done last month, as evidenced by my handy dandy writer’s calendar for September:

1 sticker = 1000 words OR 1 blog post.
1 sticker = 1000 words OR 1 blog post.

But notice that sudden surge of stickers near the end of the month? That’s when I shifted gears from #LazyWriterIsLazy to #WriteALLTheWords. I’ve been going nonstop since October started:

Calendar OctoberThis is a good thing, since I’ve got some MAJOR projects coming up.

First, you’ll notice the progress meter over there on the side of the blog ——–>

The one for Contamination, the second novel in the Arcana Revived series is about to start making some major progress. I’m planning to finish Draft Two before the end of October. Is that doable? Yes. Is it crazy to try to finish the draft in one month? What do I look like, a psychiatrist?

Second, I’m prepping for #NaNoWriMo. I’m about to start writing the first draft of the sixth volume of Arcana Revived. It has no title yet, but I know what the basic plot will be. Things will be happening. Things that involve people.

Okay, that’s vague, I know. SPOILERS! But, Here’s a few things I can promise:

  • Kissing
  • War
  • Golems
  • Death
  • Teddy Bears
  • Arcane Discoveries
  • Devastation
  • and Mechanical Men Playing Football

Yes, I’m dead serious about all of those things, especially the last one.

I’ll be posting updates as they come, and perhaps a few sample scenes from both the revisions of Contamination and the new progress on Book Six. Stay tuned for further insanity.

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