Manifestation: Arcana Revived Volume One


Gabby Palladino believes in magic.

Her parents always tell her that magic is nothing more than foolish superstition. But she grew up reading ancient fairy tales known as the Fables of Arcana, which filled her mind with wonder and mystery. When those myths and legends start to come true, Gabby learns that real magic is far more dangerous than the bedtime stories she always believed in.

When people begin manifesting the powers of arcana, Gabby finds herself surrounded by dangers on all sides. She encounters people who can melt steel with their minds, create earthquakes, and summon flames from their bare hands. She must struggle to survive in a city gripped by chaos and destruction, while trying to discover why people are manifesting abilities that have been lost since ancient times.

What she learns will make her question everything she believes in, about the world, her family, and even her own self.

Manifestation, the first book in the Arcana Revived series is now available for sale.

You can buy Manifestation in paperback format from CreateSpace and Amazon. Ebook formats are available through Amazon and B&N Nook.

And if you like Manifestation and want to see a little more of the world of the Arcana Revived series without waiting for the second novel to come out, you should also check out Radiance, a short story that takes places immediately after Manifestation and gives a glimpse of the things to come.


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