Book Addictions

Hello. My name is Jason. And I’m addicted to books.

Yes, I bought all of those. Yes, I also bought several others that I found after I took the picture.
Yes, I bought all of those. Yes, I also bought several others that I found after I took the picture.

Today I went to Barnes & Noble for the first time in a long time. I do most of my book buying online these days, both for the convenience and for the ability to find used and/or out of print books that won’t be found on the bookshelves. Sometimes I search Amazon and find used books for a penny plus shipping, which basically means I pay $4.00 for a $10.00 book. Other times I use it to search inventories from around the country to find books I can’t find locally, such as when I ordered the first 28 or so books in Piers Anthony’s Xanth series, since my local bookstores usually only have a random selection of 5 or 6 of them. But the thing about shopping online is that it doesn’t have quite the same experience as wandering the bookshelves and searching for something that will just jump out at you.

Sometimes, you spot a new book in a long-running series, like Kristen Britain’s Mirror Sight that I didn’t even know was out until I walked past it. Sometimes it’s a classic like Beowulf or Gilgamesh that I had to wonder how I’d gone my whole life without reading yet. Or sometimes I just spot a cover and title so fascinating I can’t help but buy it:

There was no way to resist this.
There was no way to resist this.

Though living in the digital age makes the book buying experience a very different one than it was ten years ago. Such as when I tweeted the picture above, and then next thing I knew the author himself was tweeting me with a promise that I’ll like the book. It goes to show the inter-connectivity we’re experiencing with social media. I can only imagine how excited I’d be in the author’s shoes when I find someone tweeting about my book. I look forward to the day I come across a total stranger talking about my book and we can make a connection like that.

So maybe being a book addict isn’t such a bad thing. You meet interesting people, discover new stories you’d never thought you’d find, and you get to write blog posts about being an addict.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a lot of reading to do before I get buried under a huge stack of hardbacks.


12 thoughts on “Book Addictions”

  1. Hello. My name is Darryl. I’m addicted to books too.

    When you consider all the bad things someone can be addicted too, being addicted to books and reading isn’t all that bad. 😉

  2. What a fantastic collection of books! Particularly the fairy tale ones. I still need to but Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales! Maybe I should suggest that someone buy me it for my birthday which isn’t actually until October but meh there’s nothing wrong with thinking ahead haha.

    You really can’t beat walking into a bookstore and browsing the shelves for something that catches your eye or a book that you’ve been after for a while. I could spend hours in there. Though, like you say, buying online does have it’s advantages. As does the internet and meeting new people and connecting with the authors. It’s so awesome when they see you’ve tweeted about their book and the tweet you back. It makes me grin from ear to ear! I’m a book addict and proud. 🙂

    1. The fairy tale collections are actually for research. I’ve been needing to brush up on my myths and fables and fairy tales because that sort of writing plays a big part in my novels.

  3. I definitely agree. There are way worse things to be addicted to. So when I bring home yet another stack of books that I’m slightly guilty about buying – only because I haven’t quite yet gotten around to all the other books yet (never-ending cycle of buying more than I can read, and then before I can get through that bunch, have already bought more…and so it continues on and on). I try not to be too hard on myself. Besides, you can’t grow out of them (like shoes/clothes), they never expire or possibly die (handheld devices) – so all in all, I say good buy!

    1. The “they never expire or die like handheld devices” factor is one of the main reasons I still stick with print books instead of ebooks. I have fear that any ebook I buy will one day become inaccessible to me. Such as if Amazon went out of business and I couldn’t connect to my library anymore.

  4. “Hi, Jason!”

    It’s okay, I think we’re all addicts here. I’ve actually had to limit the amounts of time that I go to the library, because I’ll walk past the new arrivals and spend quite some time poking at descriptions and covers, and adding the interesting-looking ones to Goodreads. Then promptly felt guilty for the sheer backlog I have there.

    But no, I think this is a good addiction. One of the few that can actually be beneficial for the addict!

    I admit that I’m a little torn on books now. I’ve really grown to love ebooks, especially since my shelf space is limited, and for me, the biggest consideration for books is the price/promise ratio. I’m willing to pay $20 for, say, the Arabian Nights or Bulfinch’s Mythology, because I know I’ll like them. Would I be willing to pay that much for an untried author? Probably not. For them, the one to four dollar range is much more my speed. Ironically, it usually makes me like the book more, too, thanks to price. “That was great for a one dollar book!” is a much better place for an author to be in than “I can’t believe I spent ten bucks on that.”

    That said… I’m with you, there is something about going into a book store, something about that experience, that I do really like. Hard to choose between one and the other.

    As a side question, how did you like (or have you read yet) the “Please Don’t Tell My Parents I’m a Supervillain” book? It caught my eye, and if you recommend it, I think I’ll put it on the list.

    1. I have been looking into book prices recently. That’s part of my I went to the bookstore initially. I’m releasing a book of my own soon, and I need to figure out what price to set, both for print and ebook.

      I haven’t started the supervillain book yet, but I’m looking forward to it. It certainly looks interesting.

      1. The phone in the background on the right, the disinfectant wipes on the left, And the cover for that version of Grimm’s all gave it away for me.

        I’ve been working there too long.

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