Postcard from the Blog

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Dear Blog Reader,

Hello, and greetings from the blog! It’s been a great trip so far. The flight in was a bit of a nuisance, and the TSA had to strip-search my categories and tags before I was allowed on board (shows them though–I snuck some Cubans in through the private pages).

The weather is nice. Can’t complain. And I’m getting a steady flow of daily pageviews, so it was well worth the price of admission. I also picked up some nice souvenirs at the gift shop. You wouldn’t believe the prices on the t-shirts and key chains!

Gotta run for now. There’s a luau down in the comments section, and guess who’s holding the limbo bar?

Wish you were here!

Yours, from the sunny island of


P.S. Say hello to Cairn Rodrigues for me. The trip was her idea!


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