Juggling Projects

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m currently trying to write one novel and revise one both during the same two-month period between now and the end of July. Aside from the fact that I’ll be needing a straightjacket and some medication by the time I’m done, this is leading to an interesting juggling process in my thoughts, ideas, and writing processes.

My writing process over the last few days has gone something like this:

Freelance Assignment > 1st Draft Book Five > Blog Post > Revisions on Contamination > Freelance Assignment > 1st Draft Book Five > Freelance Assignment >Revisions on Contamination > Freelance Assignment > Rowan blog post > this blog post.

That’s a lot of switching gears back and forth. I haven’t really been approaching any of it with any sort of real plan. I try to put the freelance job I’m working on ahead of everything else because it has a deadline, but in between writing 13,500 words on that, I’ve also written over 5,000 words on Book Five, and spent a few hours on revisions, in addition to blog posts. It’s a pretty high volume of work; over 20,000 words in three days if you count all the different projects.

I’m feeling a bit scattered. A bit out of sorts. And stressed because, well, I don’t have a full time job anymore.

Part of me says I should pick one project and stick with it, but I also know that sometimes I need to take breaks. I simply can’t work steadily on 13,500 words of this freelance job without taking a break and doing something where I get to flex my creativity more. My brain gets fried, and then I need to switch to something else.

Though the good news is that the freelance job is almost done (and I have feelers out for some more), and I’m pretty happy with the setup I’m starting in Book Five. I can’t say much about what’s going on in it yet, but I’m very happy with it.

So hopefully I’ll get my brain sorted out again soon, and be able to settle into a more focused routine. Either way, expect to see those progress bars on the side continue to grow. I have every intention of finishing both this revision and this novel draft on time. I’m not going to let a little thing like my brain stop me.


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