Write One and Revise One By The End Of July

So, I’m a crazy person.

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve been making plans for Book Five, while Book One, Manifestation is on the path to publication. I’ve also got to start on revisions for Book Two, Contamination in order to start getting that ready. That’s in addition to working on getting a few short stories prepped.

In the midst of all this, I’ve recently quit my day job (the manager was a crude, abusive, sexually harassing such-and-such who responded to my requests of “Don’t curse at me” by cursing at me more). This has given me a sudden surplus of free time. I’m currently semi-employed: I have two part-time jobs, one as a graduate research assistant, one as a professional blogger for the Rowan University admissions blog. I’m also doing freelance work. And, of course, I’m sending out resumes looking for a full-time professional job in some kind of copywriting or editing position. Until I find something, however, I’ve decided that now is the time to get the rest of these books moving.

Did I mention I’m also in a summer graduate course at Rowan? I think I mentioned that when I said I was a crazy person.

So in between 20 hours a week blogging for Rowan, 10 hours a week doing research, however many more doing freelance assignments, and attending a grad class, I’ve decided I’m going to revise Book Two and write Book Five during the next ten weeks.

Why am I doing it this way? (Aside from being a crazy person.) Well, there’s a few reasons:

1. Manifestation is currently mostly out of my direct day-to-day hands. I’m currently waiting to get it back from my editor, after which point I’ll be sending it to be professionally formatted, and hiring the cover artist. All of those things require very little direct supervision from me, leaving me with nothing to do but wait and chew on my nails. Manifestation will, of course, be the top priority over all other projects (after all, I should get Book One out before worrying so much about Book Five), but there’s a limit on how much I can do with it right now. So focusing on other projects makes sense.

2. Contamination is the next highest priority after Manifestation. Book Two is sitting as a first draft right now, untouched since I finished it in the middle of NaNoWriMo last year. I delayed working on revisions for awhile because I wanted to finished up revisions on Manifestation first. I therefore began writing Book Four, Mutation, simply because it was the best option. I could write Book Four while waiting for Book One to be ready, with plans to start revisions on Book Two after the rest was all done. Except I ended up finishing Mutation about a week ago, after a sudden and unexpected surge of productivity. I had planned on working on it all through the summer before things suddenly came to a head and I wrapped it all up. So with Book Four written and complete, and Book One out of my hands, it makes sense to revise Book Two, right?

3. So then why am I writing Book Five now? Why not wait until NaNoWriMo this November, like I originally planned? Well, that grad class I’m in is a class called, wait for it, “Writing the Novel.” I was planning to write Book Four as part of the class, but that plan is out the tubes now, so it’s time to start Book Five. Now, the class doesn’t expect students to write an entire draft during the course of the summer semester. Our classwork will involve exploring ideas, outlining (blegh), developing characters and settings, and so on. We’ll also be expected to write 6000 words which will be workshopped in class, giving us feedback. I’m sure all of the other students in class don’t plan to write much more than that 6000 during the 10 weeks the class is being held. But I’m the crazy one who decided that if I’m going to do this, I’m going to do it NaNoWriMo style and crank out the full novel (expected to be 120,000 words) before class is done.

So there it is. I’ve updated the wordmeter status bars over there —-> to show the new progress I’ll be making. While all five novels are up there, Manifestation, Collapse, and Mutation won’t be changing any time soon. However, expect to see the revision bar for Contamination and the writing bar for Book Five both building steadily over the next two months or so. I plan to have Book Five written by July 31st, and have at least a second (probably a third) draft of Contamination done by the same time. While also getting Manifestation and the short story Belladonna published somewhere in there.

Also, if you’d like to support my craziness, please check out the short story ebook I have out, Radiance. It’ll give you a glimpse into these worlds that I’m creating, and it’s a story I’m rather proud of. The Amazon reviews have called it “hauntingly beautiful,” “well-written, intriguing,” and “totally great.” And if you like it, I promise, I’ll have much more coming in the near future!


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