Planning the Next Book

If you’ve read other posts about my writing processes, you’ll know that I’m a Pantser, not a Plotter. If you’re not familiar with the distinction, Plotters are writers who plot out their scenes and the structure of their novels in advance, while Pantsers “write by the seat of their pants” and figure things out as they go along. So as a Pantser, I tend to not have much clue what is going to happen in a novel until I get to it.

That’s not to say I don’t have certain “goals” in mind. I tend to write with a certain number of goals planned out for where I want a character to end up, or what I want to happen in the world. I just don’t know how to get there. For example, I might start writing a story with the goals of “A disaster will strike this city,” “the main character needs to survive,” and “along the way, the character will being growing into a leader as they take charge of the other survivors.” I might not know WHAT the disaster will be, HOW the character will survive, or WHY the other survivors agree to follow the MC’s lead, but those are the goals I have set. I figure out the details as I go along.

So far, my plans for Book Five are just basic goals like this. I can’t go into detail because spoilers, but suffice to say I have some interesting ideas developing. Most of which center around a new character who will be introduced for the first time in this book, and who will be playing a major role in things to come. I’m spending a lot of time developing her, more than I usually do on other characters before the first time they hit the page.

Meanwhile, plans to get Book One, Manifestation on the shelves (virtually speaking) are moving forward. My plans are to have the novel and another short story, Belladonna ready to be released by the end of August. There’s a lot of variables to figure out along the way, such as ebook formatting and cover art, but I’m hoping not to hit any unexpected snags. We’ll find out soon enough.

So during the next few months, expect to see me talking a lot about writing Book Five, revising Book Two, Contamination, and getting the other works ready for release.


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