Revisiting Old Short Stories

As I’ve mentioned recently, I’m just about to the end of my current semester at Rowan University. As of today, I’ve completed everything for one class except the final reflection/evaluation (which is essentially an argument for what grade I deserve), and everything for the second class except final revisions of two short stories. After that (all of which is due by next week), I’m finished until the end of May, when my summer course begins.

Being at the end of the semester and realizing I’m about to have a lot of free time available is making me consider what to do next. For starters, I’ve refined my writing schedule with the hopes of finding more time to work in Arcana Revived over the summer. I’ve blocked out a minimum of 10 hours each week to be spent on that work (in addition to 3 hours writing blog posts, at least 4-6 writing paid Rowan University blog posts, 10 hours doing Graduate Assistant work for Rowan, and whatever additional writing I can squeeze in on my phone when I’m away from home [yes, that’s about 30 hours a week of writing in addition to my full time day job]). The question, of course, is how will that minimum 10 hours be used?

First off, I’ll be working on Manifestation in order to get the novel ready for release. Second, I’m continuing to write the first draft of Mutation (as noted by the progress on the red sidebar to the right). In between those, however, I also plan on working on some more Arcana Revived short stories.

I currently have 14 short stories written in the Arcana Revived universe. Two of them, Crying and There’s No Such Thing As Monsters are flash fiction pieces hosted on Ravenheart Press, run by my friend Eve Jacob. If you want to get a taste of my writing, I’d definitely love for you to check them out (along with the other flash fiction pieces at Ravenheart). If you enjoy those, there’s also my published short story ebook, Radiance.

The other stories I’ve written are mostly first drafts. One I’ve mentioned a few times on the blog, Belladonna, is on Draft 6. A couple of others are on Draft 2 or 3. The reason most of the other stories haven’t been revised is because my primary attention has been on Manifestation, since I want to get the novel out before releasing other short stories in the world. Since I’m close to releasing Manifestation now, it seems like a good time to start working on some of these stories. A few of them won’t be released for quite awhile, since they relate to the later books in the series. For example, Questioning Angels actually takes place in between Book 2 and Book 3, so I obviously won’t release that until after Book 2 is complete. About half of them, however, would be fitting to release after Manifestation, and my hope is to release them one at a time after Manifestation is out but before Book 2, Contamination is ready.

So over the next few weeks I plan to revisit some of these stories, revise them, and get them ready for publication. I might post a few samples from some of them, once I think they’re ready. In the mean time, stay tuned for updates on my overall progress on the novels, the short stories, and life as a whole.


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