#ProtagonistPickupLines is a meme I devised over the weekend. The idea is to come up with lines that a book’s main character might use when flirting with their author. Think of it like the romance writer’s version of “Stranger Than Fiction,” where a book’s character comes to life and interacts with their author.

I decided a fitting way to portray this meme was to use the images of actors and actresses from books-turned-movies (or tv shows):

#ProtagonistPickupLines Katniss

#ProtagonistPickupLines Harry Potter

#ProtagonistPickupLines Aragorn

#ProtagonistPickupLines Richard Rahl

#ProtagonistPickupLines Kahlan_Amnell

#ProtagonistPickupLines Frodo#ProtagonistPickupLines Carrie

If you have any other ideas for #ProtagonistPickupLines, feel free to share them here, or tweet them at me @CantrellJason.



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