Deadlines and Illness

This is going to be short, because, well . . . read the title of the post.

If you’ve been paying attention (I told you there was gonna be a quiz), you know that I have a deadline this Thursday, March 6th, to send the most recent draft of Manifestation to the editor I’m hiring. My revisions at this point are mostly going through and nitpicking over minor errors and proofreading for grammar and punctuation. I want to clean up as much of that as possible so that the editor will be able to fix the things I couldn’t figure out on my own, rather than fixing the same grammatical issues I could catch if I paid enough attention.

My plan was to get some work done on Manifestation every day this week. Then working 11 hour shifts Friday, Saturday, and Sunday kicked my ass, and I came home and sat and stared at the screen until bedtime. Then, yesterday, I got sick. I went to bed at 11:00 yesterday for the first time in years (I normally stay up until 2:00). Today, I had to focus on school work. Tomorrow, I have to focus on GA work.

So as of right now, I’m on Chapter 18 out of 45. I’ve got to get most of that done tonight, since I won’t have time tomorrow.

Which means I need to go get to work.


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