One Week Deadline

I’ve mentioned from time to time over the past couple of months that I’m deep in revisions on Manifestation. I’ve had it reviewed by multiple critique partners, each of whom pointed out different suggestions and caught different errors that the others missed. Their input has been very valuable, and I’ve made a lot of tweaks. Most of them are basic grammatical errors, word choice issues, and the like (since most MAJOR issues were resolved in the first three revisions). A few of the issues were minor points of confusion or areas where a CP said some important details were missing.

What I haven’t done, however, is a complete beginning-to-end read-through of this draft. When I was working on Draft Three, I started at the beginning and tried to more-or-less go from beginning to end. What actually ended up happening was I skipped around a whole lot as one issue at the beginning would make me realize I needed to add something to the climax, and another issue at the middle would make me realize I needed to change the opening chapters, and so on. Since I was jumping around so much, cutting 40,000 words, adding 15,000 new ones in their place, and reordering chapters, I never actually, y’know, READ the novel from beginning to end like I meant to.

These Draft Five revisions have been all over the place as well, since I’ve been focusing on the specific issues my CPs raised in their notes. That means I STILL haven’t read the damn book from beginning to end.

Sooooooo . . . that’s what I have to do now. In a week. Before March 6th. While ALSO reading about a whole book of material for one of my grad classes, and critiquing three of my classmates’ stories for workshops, and working double shifts over the weekend, and a few other things I’m sure I’m forgetting.

Now, I have made a lot of progress in revisions this month. There have been a lot of good changes and a lot of polishing to the story. But now I’ve got about 350 pages to read and edit in 7 days. So. Yeah. There’s that.

Which means before bed tonight I need to go work my way through, oh, 50 pages or so. So I’m gonna get on that.


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