Starting Draft Five: One Month Countdown

So I mentioned about a month ago that I was sending Manifestation out for critiques. Well, this week I got some feedback from the wonderful Eve Jacob (who has a nifty site you should check out). I’ve also got a few more critiques coming in the near future, including one from a real-world friend of mine, Chris McKnight, who unfortunately has no web presence for me to link to.

Having critiques (and having not looked at the book for a month) means it’s time to start revising again. I’ll start working on Draft Five, and I have one month (until March 6th to be precise) to get it done. There’s a nifty little meter on the sidebar —–> which hasn’t been updated in awhile. For the next month it should be updated regularly to show how much progress I’m making.

Meanwhile I’ve also got Belladonna revisions to do, but they’re lower priority. I’ve already done five drafts of that story, and I have a couple of critiques I need to review still. Most likely I’ll work on Belladonna some more after I finish the next draft of Manifestation. Then both the novel and the short story should be released sometime later this year (I’m aiming for summer, since when school is out I’ll have a lot more time to work on them). I’m looking forward to adding some more works alongside Radiance to my shelf.

That’s all for now. Though tune in tomorrow for a research-related blog post. I’m in a research class at Rowan University and I may be deciding to investigate the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribal Nation. I’ll discuss more details about the research project and why I chose that particular subject in tomorrow’s post.


2 thoughts on “Starting Draft Five: One Month Countdown”

  1. The progress bar is a neat idea. Good luck with draft five.

    Very interested in tmro’s post. Last year I was working on a project that heavily features Native American mythology. I had to pause it so I could do more research on the particular tribes I was working with, and then got busy with other things.

    1. I found the progress bar here. It’s a handy dandy tool.

      The mythology is definitely a big part of what I want to explore. I may end up writing a research article about it, and then after the semester is over, I can use some of the material I researched as inspiration for some of what I’m doing in my novels.

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