When You Haven’t Written Anything New

So if you read my blog posts on a regular basis, you’ve probably seen a lot of posts lately about critiques, revisions, and my general thoughts on writing. I’ve been focused primarily on two projects this past month: revisions for both Manifestation and for the short story Belladonna. Both are being critiqued right now, and revisions are mostly on hold waiting for people to give me their feedback.

Since I’ve been so focused on revisions, however, I haven’t written much of anything new. I have made some progress on Book 4, but it’s not a major priority right now; I only work on it when nothing else has my attention (and I probably won’t focus on it for awhile, since revising and publishing Book 1 needs to come before writing Book 4). I also haven’t written any new short stories, or really anything other than blog posts, since December.

I’m starting to feel like my creative juices are backing up. I noticed recently that I’m spending more time daydreaming. Which is especially strange since I had noticed I barely spend any time daydreaming for the last year and a half. I am very focused when I daydream; I actually plot out elaborate daydream story lines and play them out for days if not weeks until they reach a conclusion. It’s something I’ve done most of my life. Yet the more and more I worked on my new novels, the less often I found myself developing these elaborate daydream story lines. I figured it was because I was channeling all that creative energy into my novels, and the fact that I’m daydreaming more now tells me I may have been right.

I will probably start writing some new short stories soon. After Radiance and Belladonna, there will be many more stories to come. I have a long list of ideas in mind right now, including origin stories for several more important characters in the series, and an adventure story where some of the minor characters get their chance to shine in the spotlight. I’ve been letting these ideas simmer for awhile, but they’ll probably get written soon, just because I will need an outlet.

I wonder if anyone else gets this itch when they haven’t written anything in awhile. Do you ever feel like you’ve got too much creativity bottled up, and you need to let it out?


3 thoughts on “When You Haven’t Written Anything New”

  1. I daydream just like that. Nice long scenarios that I can tinker around with for weeks, almost like a second life I’m living underneath my “real” one. I find that the urge to do this usually gets stronger if I’m procrastinating. :/

  2. When I have so much creativity but nothing to channel it into, I go a little crazy. As in stir-crazy, irritable, and a little sicky (headache). Yeah I’m strange…

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