Finishing Draft 3 in 2013 and Starting Draft 4 in 2014

So, remember yesterday when I wrote about depression and how it was interfering with my revisions?

Yeah, I ended up finishing the last remaining chapters of Manifestation Draft Three last night.

So now what? Well, first of all, I got a whole bunch of stickers:

Ignore the "Inevitable Sticker" at the bottom.
Ignore the “Inevitable Sticker” at the bottom.

That looks a lot better than it did yesterday.

Second, the shiny green progress bar over there —–>
is now full, and starting a new, brighter, shinier, greener progress bar for Draft Four.

Draft Four, in itself, it going to be short and sweet. Lots of cuts and basic rearrangements. Basically, Draft Four consists of issues I figured out near the end of Draft Three. But I was SO close to being done chapter-by-chapter edits on the last eight or ten chapters that I didn’t want to go back to Chapters 1-7 and figure out the issues there. So I trudged on forward, fixed the rest of the basic stuff, and now I’m going in for another pass. It shouldn’t be a “front to back” pass, since I don’t think anything (currently) needs to be fixed in the later chapters. Mostly what I’m doing now is cutting a few scenes that were dragging things down, replacing them with continuity fixes, and figuring out the timeline.

I’ve still got a January 15th deadline. Originally that was a deadline to finish Draft Three, but I finished earlier than expected, which is why I get to do another pass through first. Then, as soon as Draft Four is fixed up, I’ll be seeking Critique Partners.

In the meantime, let me point out that today is the LAST day of 2013 to buy my short story ebook Radiance at the same price it’ll be throughout all of 2014. Which means you could buy it at the same price tomorrow, but what if the world ends at midnight? I’d buy it now.


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