Deadline Update

So the last post I wrote laid out some strict deadlines that I have to follow.

So far, I’m doing good. I’ve written 10,000 words in the past two days. Which is better than the 3,125 a day I expected to need. Collapse is currently sitting at 105,000 words, and I’m deep in the middle of the big climactic final battle. I’m having a BLAST with it, and it’s some of the most intense, action-packed stuff I’ve ever written.

I’m fairly certain that I’ll be finishing up the climax ahead of schedule. I’m still not sure where the final wordcount for the book is going to wind up. For each book I tend to estimate 120,000, so if that’s the case I’ve got 15,000 to go. But I’m guessing there’s about another 5,000 or so in the current string of battle scenes, and that’s before the aftermath. So for all I know, it could push up to 130,000 or more. But whatever the case, I HAVE to get the book done in the next six days. Luckily, today is my last day of classes at Rowan for the semester, so I’m about to have a whole lot of extra free time coming to me.

So I’m going to go get this last school project completed, then go to my last class of the semester. Then the rest of the day will be devoted to finishing this book so I can get back to revising Manifestation.


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