Post-NaNo and Slow as She Goes

So my last post was about being brain-dead and burnt out from #NaNoWriMo. I said in that post that I was going to whine on Twitter when I felt brain-dead, and do whatever my Tweeps told me to do. Well, as promised, last night I went on Twitter and asked people whether or not I should write. Five people told me to write, two told me to rest. So, I wrote.

I only got about 2000 words, which was a slow day compared to the pace I’d been going. But It felt nice to make some progress after like three days in a row of doing nothing, nothing at all.

Keeping a slow pace for now seems like a good idea. I’ve still got another 40,000 words or so to go on Collapse, and I don’t want to burn out completely. So until further notice I’ll be chugging along at whatever pace I can maintain. My goal is to finish Collapse by, let’s say, Christmas. Then I can get back to revisions on Manifestation.

The good news is I’m almost completely done with school for the semester. I have a few small tasks to complete before I finish up my final projects (2 out of 4 classes I’m done with, and I’m 1/2 way done one of the remaining classes, so I’m actually about 62.5% done with finals). Next semester I’m only taking two classes, so all the time I used to be spending on extra schoolwork will then be devoted to Manifestation. That book was completed about a year ago (first draft, that is), and I need to get back to revising it and getting it ready for publication.

But before I do that I need to finish Collapse since I’m still in “writing mode” not “editing mode.” Speaking of which, I can squeeze in another 1000 words or so before bed, and I left Gabby in the middle of a fight scene with some missiles being shot at her.


4 thoughts on “Post-NaNo and Slow as She Goes”

  1. If you can reach your goal on #NaNoWriMo, you can do this. In the meantime, dear one, don’t be too hard on yourself. ✌

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