#NaNoWriMo Day 21

Today’s post will be a bit short, since I’m low on time due to homework, Graduate Assistant work, and wanting to get back into writing “Collapse” as soon as possible.

I broke 100,000 words for #NaNoWriMo. I hit that mark just behind my arch nemesis, Kelley (@nanogeekette on Twitter). I’ve been racing to catch up to her word count for a couple of weeks now, and we have a friendly wager going for who will have the highest by November 30th (if I win, she has to write a short story for my blog). I’m currently just 1009 words ahead of her, after she’s been ahead of me ALL MONTH (she’s also writing right now while I’ve been busy doing other things, so I suspect she’s passed me again already).

Meanwhile, my plot line is coming along nicely. Remember the other day when I said I let the characters chat and discuss their situation? Well, the ideas that spawned from that conversation have given me a lot to work with. I’m currently in the middle of some big action scenes. Here’s a glimpse of Bad Ass Gabby and Jeremiah (The Booster and The Paladin):

            She glanced back at them. They watched her with doubt and fear building in their eyes. She looked back at the soldiers with the guns and sighed. I guess I should show them all what being a super-powered teenager is all about.

            She stepped closer to Jeremiah and let her aura wash over him. “Don’t hurt them,” she said. He glanced at her over his shoulder and nodded. His eyes glowed with a silvery light.

            “He’s one of them!” one of the soldiers shouted. “Call some of the Awakened soldiers!” Both of the men squeezed the triggers on their machine guns and opened fire.

            Jeremiah flexed his arms and crossed them in front of him. Silvery-white light erupted from him as the hail of gunfire reached him. The light crystallized in the air and formed into a hemispherical shield. The bullets pelted the shield and sent crystal shards flying through the air. The shards evaporated moments after they broke free from the shield, turning back into light and rising into the air in elegant wisps. Hundreds of bullets poured from the guns, and Jeremiah’s shield cracked under the onslaught. Gabby let out a breath and opened her mind, letting more mana flow. The energy poured into Jeremiah without effort; holding the energy back was always the hard part. His shield strengthened and grew, the crystal now replenishing faster than the gunfire could tear it down. Gabby’s head ached from the torrents of energy passing through her mind, but she held steady and just let it flow. Bullet shells flew off the backs of the trucks, and more rounds fed up into the guns from belts dangling from their sides. Eventually the belts ran dry and the guns clicked, empty and useless.

            “Holy fuck,” one of the soldiers said.

            Gabby cupped her hands to her mouth and shouted, “You might both want to duck!”

            The soldiers looked at each other, then turned and jumped off the trucks, one running right, the other left. Jeremiah unleashed the force from his shield the moment they were clear. Crystal shards flew at the vehicles and burst against them in a massive wave of force. Both guns were ripped from their mounts and torn to shreds. The vehicles were shoved backwards by the force, and their armor plating dented and ripped. Their tires blew out and steam poured from their dented front grills.

And that’s all for now. Hopefully by the next blog post this Sunday, I’ll be over 120,000 words for the month!


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