#NaNoWriMo Day 17

Hello blog-reading people(s)!

I’m exhausted. I’m always exhausted on Sundays. See, since I haven’t found a new job yet, I work 11 hour shifts back to back each day Fri/Sat/Sun. My “weekends” are just endless work. On top of all that, I spend them writing. Today, I wrote about 4000 words while at work.

“But Jason,” you say, “didn’t you finish ‘Contamination’ already? How can you be writing?”

I’m glad you asked.

As I may have already mentioned, “Contamination” was part two in a minimum three part series, “Arcana Revived.” The first book, “Manifestation,” was written for #NaNoWriMo 2012. It’s currently in revisions (which are on pause until after NaNo, since NaNo is about WRITING, not revising). After “Manifestation” and “Contamination” comes my third book and current new WIP, “Collapse.”

As you can see on the side bar (all the way over there ————–>)
I’ve added a new word counter for “Collapse.” The “Contamination” counter is still not at 100%, because I’ve got a few little scenes to add in here and there to fix some plot holes. Today I wrote about 1000 words in one of those scenes, tying together some loose threads rather nicely. The rest of what I worked on was Chapter Two of “Collapse” (I wrote Chapter One yesterday).

My new goal is to complete “Collapse” by the end of NaNoWriMo. I wrote 80,000 words in the first two weeks of November. I want to write another 80,000 by the end (and then maybe use the first week of December for the last 40,000, unless I can squeeze it in to November still). That’d make a grand total of 160,000 words for NaNo, about double my original goal. Can I do it?

CAN I!?!?!?

*Ahem* Anyway, here’s an excerpt. I won’t share anything from the climax of “Contamination” because OMG SPOILERS!, but here’s a glimpse of the beginning of “Collapse” (which may also have SOME spoilers, so read on at your own risk (there may also be kissing (and clowders of demon cats))) :

Excerpt 1 (action):

            The cats emerged from beyond the tree line. There were half a dozen of them, and they were larger than any great cat Gabby had ever seen in the zoo. Their massive bodies would have dwarfed a tiger. “My God,” the man on Gabby’s left said. “They’re monsters! How did they get so big?”

            “The mana mutates them,” Gabby said. “Changes their bodies. Makes them grow.” One of the approaching cats let out a fierce roar and unleashed a gout of flame from its mouth. “And infuses them with arcana,” she added.

            “There’s a whole pack of them,” Colin said. His hands shook as he aimed his hunting rifle at them.

            “A clowder,” Callia said. Her hands were steady as she aimed her rifle at the approaching monsters. “A group of cats is called a clowder.”

            “They’re fire-breathing demon cats,” Gabby said. “And you think we should call them a ‘clowder’?” Callia just smirked and shook her head.

            “Cut the chatter,” Jeremiah ordered. He aimed his assault rifle, the only military-grade weapon they had, at the approaching clowder of demon cats. “Focus!”

            The demon cats ran down the street towards the school. “Fire when they reach the edge of the field,” Jeremiah said, sighting down the barrel of his rifle. “That’s about a hundred yards. You won’t hit them further out than that, so don’t waste bullets.” Most of the militia had little experience with rifles. A few had hunting experience, and with a decent rifle might be able to take down a target at two hundred yards fairly easily. The inexperienced militia members, however, would be wasting their shots at that range.

            Gabby stood up and aimed her bow into the air. “Gabby, wait!” Jeremiah said. “They’re still out of range, especially for a bow!”

            “Not for me,” Gabby said.

Excerpt 2 (because I promised someone a kissy scene today):

Callia stepped over and slipped her hands around Gabby’s waist. “I’ve never seen you so . . .” she said, ” . . . authoritative. It’s kinda sexy.”

            Gabby’s face turned red. She put her arms around Callia and said, “I couldn’t say no. It’ll give us something to do, and maybe next time there’s an attack, we’ll have a few more people with powers to help fight it off.”

            Callia’s fingers played with the hem of Gabby’s shirt and tickled the skin underneath. “And what do you want me to do to help with training,” she asked. “Captain Gabby?”

            Gabby scrunched her face and said, “Please don’t call me ‘Captain.’ That sounds so dumb.” She thought about it for a moment, though she was distracted by what Callia’s fingers were doing under her shirt. She pursed her lips and said, “How about, ‘Commander Palladino.'”

            “Ooh, I like that,” Callia said. She reached up and brushed a stand of hair off Gabby’s face. “Commander.

            The look in Callia’s eyes took Gabby’s breath away. Callia leaned closer and her lips touched Gabby’s. She pulled Callia closer and parted her lips to invite Callia’s tongue inside. They held each other close and kissed as if the world weren’t falling to pieces around them. Then Callia pulled back, her teeth tugging Gabby’s plump lower lip for a moment before releasing it. Gabby trembled, weak in the knees and clinging to her girlfriend. Her aura throbbed, and she had to take a few deep breaths to compose herself.

And that’s all for now!


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