#NaNoWriMo Day 12

It’s been a slow couple of days.

Yesterday, I had to spend most of my day getting caught up on a combination of school work, assignments for my Graduate Assistantship at Rowan University, and some other general errands. Today was fairly similar, with the addition of a career seminar I attended (as part of the “I’m quitting my job” plan and progress). As a result, I’ve only written 1800 words since my last blog post.

Fortunately, I’m still on target. My goal is to write 90,000 words by the end of November. Based on how far I am and the fact that there’s 18 days left, I only need to write about 2000 words a day to hit that, and that’s easy.

I’m also making some interesting progress in the course of the plot. I had some ideas recently that are helping me figure out how to tie the climax together. It’s all very exciting. Of course, I don’t want to spoil anything (though minor spoilers may be below), since one day I plan to publish this book like I already have with “Radiance.” But, I CAN share another little excerpt. And since last time I shared an awkward romantic scene, this time I can throw a little action in there:

            The jeep slowed, then stopped. The gas made it impossible to see, and hard to breathe. Gabby took off her seat belt and grabbed Callia’s hand. She tugged on her friend’s hand and until Callia followed and they climbed out of the jeep, with Gabby’s bow clutched in her other hand. Together, they stumbled into the woods. It didn’t take long to get away from the gas, but between the dark and the burning in her eyes, Gabby couldn’t see a thing. She stumbled through bushes and bumped into trees. Branches smacked her in the face. Light burned through her closed eyelids and bathed everything in red, and she knew the helicopter was still right above her, shining the searchlight down onto her. She sensed the men above her, and moments later felt them getting closer. Four mana signatures dropped down and surrounded her, and then the world erupted into chaos.

            “Get back!” she screamed. She tried to open her eyes, but all she could see was a blur and flashes of light. Energy poured from her mind into all four soldiers, and they cried out in pain. “I can’t turn it off! You have to get back!” To her right, she felt a wave of heat, and through blurred vision she saw the soldier there catch on fire. To her left the wind picked up and leaves were strewn about. She was nearly knocked down as a whirlwind buffeted her. She felt a shaking coming from behind her, and sparks of electricity flashed just ahead.

            She grit her teeth and tried to focus. She tried to find some calm center so she could stop the flow, just like when she’d closed the dam before. She couldn’t concentrate, however, and every time she coughed she felt a stronger surge of energy flow from her mind through her aura and into the men. Unable to stop it, she rushed to her left, pulling Callia with her. She shoved the soldier there aside, and he seemed too distracted by what was happening with his power to stop her. When her body collided with his the mana flow magnified a hundredfold, and the roaring winds escalated to gale force levels. She was thrown back and lost her grip on Callia’s hand. She landed in a thick bush and briars cut into her skin. Screams sounded in the night, and from above she heard the sharp metallic whine of the helicopter as it struggled to fight the winds.

            “Callia!” she shouted. Her friend didn’t answer.

Dun dun DUN?


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