#NaNoWriMo Day 7

Hello people who read my blog!

Today was an interesting day. I got into a fascinating Twitter debate about copyright. Well, “debate” is a loose term. I manually retweeted someone’s tweet, they yelled at me, I apologized and asked them for their opinion on copyrighting tweets, they insulted me and blocked me. But then AFTER that, about 20 people on Twitter got involved in a rather fascinating discussion about the actual laws of copyright and how they apply to Twitter. Here is an example of one of the articles cited during the discussion.

Meanwhile, I managed to get some more writing done. Let’s take a look at the #NaNoWriMo chart:

#NaNoWriMo_Day_7_ChartIt’s been seven days, and in an hour we’re about to cross over into the 8th. According to this chart, I’ve averaged 4,709 words per day. That’s pretty good, I think. I’ve written 32,967 words in the past week, for a grand total of 71,562 on “Contamination.” My goals are 90,000 for NaNoWriMo and over 120,000 for the novel. I’m well ahead of schedule for those goals.

The plot is coming together quite nicely. I’ve been on a lot of battle scenes the last few days. There are a couple of issues that need to be fixed, mostly things like the order of the scenes. However, as you should with NaNoWriMo, I’m leaving most of that for revisions. None of the issues I’ve found so far are things that will affect the outcome of the plot. They’re things that affect a certain scene, but that’s it. For example, I might write a scene and then remember, “Wait, last scene it had snowed, why is there no snow on the ground?” I’ll need to fix that up during revisions, but since the snow or lack of it is only a setting detail and irrelevant to the plot, I don’t bother trying to figure out what to do just now. During revisions, I’ll review more carefully and figure out how many days passed between those scenes, then decide how to best describe the new spring and the melting snow, etc.

Now, how about the excerpt I promised? I think last time I said I was going to try to get to a Gabby and Callia scene (there will be kissing!), but I was still tying up loose ends with the big battles, so I haven’t gotten to that yet. However, there’s another scene I had fun writing that I’d like to share. It involves Minori Tsujino, aka Mithriel, the Angel of Truth (the Minori/Mithriel thing is, well, complicated, but for the purpose of this clip, they’re the same). She’s a new main character in Book Two, who was originally created on the same collaborative writing and roleplaying site as Gabby and Tock. Minori doesn’t enter until Book Two, but she becomes a rather important character here and I’ve LOVED writing her again. Here’s a snippet of what I wrote with her over the last couple of days:

            The helicopter twisted through the air, tracking her movements. The stream of bullets chased her, pelting the glass behind her, but it was unable to catch up. Her angelic wings thrust with divine strength and she rose higher in the air, then dove down on the other side of the helicopter. It turned awkwardly in the air, trying to catch her. She glided through the air, guided by light and righteousness, and trailing sparkling feathers that mingled with the broken glass and bullet shells that rained to the earth below. Each time the helicopter turned and tried to get her in its sights, she dashed this way and that with mighty thrusts of her four white wings.

            The helicopter rose higher and sped away, and for a moment Minori hovered in place, watching its movements in confusion. After it put some distance between them for a clear shot, it turned and aimed at her again, then a pair of missiles streaked forth from the twin launchers. Minori gasped and thrust her wings upwards, and she rose into the sky, climbing above the tops of the nearby buildings.

            They follow, Mithriel thought. Minori glanced below her and saw the missiles twisting through the air and following her path. She thrust her wings harder and continued to rise, but the missiles followed. When she neared the peak of the tallest skyscraper, she twisted into a curving dive around the building. Her heart raced as she flew around it, weaving corkscrews past the windows that glimmered in the light of the setting sun and reflected the radiance that shone from her body. The missiles followed the entire time, until she twisted and dove through the glass. The upper-floor window shattered and glass shards pierced her body. She flew on, weaving past abandoned desks and cubicles. Behind her, the missiles impacted with the side of the building and exploded. Fire chased her through the empty office, and her skin trailed streams of sparkling blood.

I hope you enjoy this little clip!


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