#NaNoWriMo Day 5


So it’s been a hectic couple of days. I had off school today for elections (I voted against Chris Christie for Governor, but he won anyway). I went to my dad’s house and we had a RISK tournament. He wont 3 out of 4 games, but the one I won was a HARD win, so it left me satisfied. Then I came home, had a mild panic attack, then dove into my writing!

I’m on a short break now; I just wrote about 2600 words, and I need to stretch. So I figured now would be a good time to share some #NaNoWriMo progress. I’m at 23,466 for the NaNo count, and 62,061 for the novel itself.

I wanted to share a Gabby and Callia excerpt today, since I shared Tock last time. However, I was really deep in finishing a certain Tock scene and wanted to finish that before switching gears. Even though the final format of the novel will alternate between the two characters, I tend to write a long stretch of one before switching to the other. That way, I stick with the scenes that I am in the zone for. I then rearranged the chapters during the first phase of revisions.

So here’s a little snippet of what I wrote today. I decided that even though this is still a Tock scene, I’d share a clip that relates to a secondary supporting character, Mae. Mae appears in several scenes in “Manifestation,” and also stars in her own short story, “Belladonna” (which will be self-published next year, just as “Radiance” was). Mae has a stronger role in “Contamination,” and she’s pretty bad ass. Check her out:

            Mae pushed to her hands and knees nearby. She panted and her arms shook with the effort of holding herself up. Her head flipped up and her eyes locked on the nearby soldier. A gold glow rimmed her eyes and her irises radiated a deep green light. She grit her teeth and pushed to her feet, clenching her fists.

            The soldier drew an extendable steel baton from his belt. He whipped his wrist out and extended the baton, then rushed at Mae. She threw her hand out and a green and gold energy tentacle shot out like a whip to wrap around the man’s leg. She yanked him off his feet and he slammed onto his back. The baton flew from his hand. He rolled off his back and onto his knees, then slammed his fist into the ground again. Another surge blasted through the already cracked and broken street, rushing at Mae. The surge was weaker this time; Tock could sense this soldier’s mana flows were just as erratic as the other’s. The mana flowed through him like a child trying to learn to ride a bike for the first time, unable to stay upright. Mae whipped her arm forward and her tendrils wrapped around the chunks of asphalt that exploded from the ground. Her mana flows were stronger and more fluid; she seemed to have as much practice with her power as Tock had, and was far more confident in what she was doing than the soldier was.

            The mana tendrils hurled the rocks at the soldier and they slammed into his chest and head. He fell back onto the ground. He moaned and rolled onto his side. Then he reached for the fallen baton, struggling to get his fingers around it.

            Mae threw a tendril at the baton to hurl it away, then she lifted up a piece of asphalt bigger than the man’s head. The tendrils raised it over the soldier . . .

And that’s all for now! I hope you all enjoy this little excerpt. And I hope everyone who’s doing #NaNoWriMo is making good progress!


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