#WritingPrompt Results!

So not long ago, I posted a #WritingPrompt that came from a note I found in a used book. I challenged anyone who was up to it to write a short piece based on that prompt.

Several people stepped up to the challenge. One person wrote a short that I linked to from the previous post, but here it is again. That first story comes to you courtesy of Nyssa 23 (I don’t know what the 23 means, so you’d have to ask her). If you enjoy that piece, you should go check out her blog, burritosandborscht.

Today, another friend of mine from twitter, Kayla Thomas, wrote a piece she titled Narrow Miss. You should go read that one too, and check out Kayla’s Blog.

I hope you enjoy both of these stories. Even though they came from the same prompt, both writers took the concept in very different directions. And maybe if we’re lucky, someone else might have a story to share soon too!


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