#NaNoWriMo Kickoff!

So #NaNoWriMo starts in about 13 hours. I’m planning on logging in and starting off right at midnight. I think the folks at #WriteClub (@FriNightWrites) are planning some kickoff sprints, and if so, I plan on being there.

In the mean time, I’m using what time I can today to do NaNo prep. Here’s what I’m getting ready today:

-I’m taking my car in for an oil change and some scheduled maintenance, so it’ll be done before NaNo time. That makes one more thing off the list that I won’t have to worry about during November.

-I’m going grocery shopping today and stocking up on drinks, meals, and (hopefully healthy) snacks. When I get busy with writing, I tend to forget to eat. When there is no food in the house this usually means I’ll end up walking to the convenience store to buy a sandwich or something. I’m planning to avoid such distractions by being stocked up as much as I can.

-I recorded my current word count on “Contamination.” It’s currently sitting at 38,595 words. That makes my NaNoWriMo goal 88,595 words, though I’m actually shooting for 120,000.

-I’m finishing up all of the homework and papers I have due for my grad classes at Rowan University. I currently have one assignment due next Wednesday, but rather than putting it off and working on it later in the week, I’m finishing it today so it’s done before NaNo. That way I have fewer distractions to worry about.

I think that about covers it. I should be mostly free of distractions. I’m planning to write at least 2000-3000 words tonight, starting at midnight. Hope to see you joining me!


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