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This is something totally random. Today, I was reading a book for one of my classes at Rowan University. The book was bought used. I found the note you see above tucked into the pages. I have no idea who wrote it. I have no idea what the note originally meant. However, since the book in question was a book about writing techniques and how to break out of your shell as a writer, I can only assume this note was meant for some kind of story.

So I figured I’d post it as a writing prompt. The seeds of a story are there. A mysterious stranger, an unplanned trip, a rendezvous that may not end up happening…

I’d love to see someone write a scene, a story, or a poem about this. I’m really curious to see what someone would do with it. If anyone wants to take up the challenge, I dare you to write something based on this. I double DOG dare you to. Then, let me know you wrote it (either leave a comment here, tweet me @cantrelljason, or email me at cantrellwriter@gmail.com). I’ll either link from my blog to yours if you posted it on your own blog, or you can send it to me and I’ll upload it here.

I triple dog dare you.


7 thoughts on “#WritingPrompt”

      1. Goodness, no. Not unless he had a very compelling reason, such as “You’re a wizard, Michelle.” But in that case, I would expect him to perform some sort of magic. I would also accept “The world is ending and I need your help to save it” — but again, proof would be required 😀

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