Kickstarter Update #16: Rewards Sent!

You can also view this update on Kickstarter.

I just finished sending out each of the ebooks to all backers who selected a reward. You should have received an email from Amazon that says:

“A Gift For You

Hello (your name), you’ve received a Kindle Book gift from Jason Cantrell.”

You should be able to download the ebook once you click on the “Get your gift now” button. If you have any trouble accessing the ebook, you can email me ( and I’ll figure out what is wrong and work to fix the problem. I’ve tested the download, however, and everything should work out fine.

A small number of people provided a different email address when I sent the rewards survey than the email address you registered with Kickstarter. In those cases, I sent the ebook to the email address you specified in the survey. So while this update will be sent to the email you’ve registered with Kickstarter, you’ll need to check your other email address to get the ebook. Of course, if you used the same email address you can ignore this part.

If you did NOT receive the Amazon “A Gift For You” email, it may be that there was a typo in your email address. Or the email may be in your Spam folder. Check the Spam folder first, and if you don’t see the email from Amazon, contact me, and I’ll have it re-sent.

For most of the backers, this should cover all of the rewards, since the poetry collection was mailed out last week. If you are also supposed to receive a critique or custom story, you’ll just need to contact me regarding the specifics.

I think that about covers it. Thank you!


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