Kickstarter Update #13: Counting Down the Hours

You can also read this update on Kickstarter.

It’s been a crazy month. 30 days watching a Kickstarter campaign work its magic ends up seeming like a lot longer than it really is. The ending sneaks up on you. When I checked the status today, the counter had switched from days, to mere hours.
As of this writing, there just over 60 hours to go. That’s less than three days. Wednesday morning, it’ll be over. I’ll also have an absolutely beautiful piece of cover art to share with you all then.
I’ll also be sending out the backer surveys that day. This will be to collect names and email addresses for sending out rewards. Those who are getting a critique or a ghostwritten story, when the surveys go out we’ll discuss the specifics of each one. The poetry collection will be sent out right away since as a pdf, it needs no extra work. The ebook for “Radiance” will need to be assembled with the cover and the “Special Thanks” section, but it shouldn’t take long to do all that. The reward details say November, but that was a worst case scenario date. The story should actually be distributed not long after the pledge drive ends. All backers will get the chance to download their copies of the ebook first, before I post it for sale on my website.
One final note for anyone reading this who is not currently a backer: while the “Radiance” short story ebook will be available for sale (at the same $1 price as the reward here), the poetry collection will NOT. It will only be offered here, or as a future Kickstarter reward if I run a second pledge drive in the future. It’s possible they poems will be published for sale eventually, but at this time I have no plans to publish the collection outside of this drive. The poetry collection contains more than a dozen poems, totaling about 4000 words in length. If you want to see a sample, you can find one of the poems published here: If you like what you see, just a $3 pledge can get you both the “Radiance” short story and the “Poetry of Gabriella Palladino” collection, not to mention by extreme appreciation and thanks for your support.
Put another way, $3 for both rewards is like a dollar for the story and less than 20 cents per poem. Read the sample I linked, and ask if that poem is worth twenty cents (I hope it is!).
I think that about covers the important details. Thank you again for your support, and keep your fingers crossed (and maybe send a tweet or two) that a few more backers sign up in the last remaining hours!

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