She Ran

This short piece of fiction was written as a writing exercise during a class at Rowan University. It was an experiment with pacing, trying to write a piece using only one-syllable words. While the piece is short and was not written for any specific purpose beyond practice, I found the results interesting enough to share.

The piece was inspired by Gabriella Palladino, protagonist of “Manifestation.” Enjoy.


“She Ran”


She ran.

She ran far. She ran fast. She ran on and on as far as her legs could take her. She ran past men, past kids that cried in the night. She ran past homes that burned and flames that would not go out. She ran past death on all sides, death that she could not get past, but still she ran on.

She ran to the woods, far from home. She ran with the hope that death would not find her there. With hope that she would not see one more lost life, lost hope, or lost dream.

She ran from the thought that she had crushed those dreams.

She ran with the weight of the one who stole that hope.

She ran with the hope that death would fall far back.

She ran.


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