Kickstarter Update #7: Art

You can also view this update on Kickstarter.

Covers sell books. Despite what everyone always says about “not judging a book by its cover,” the fact is that a good cover makes a huge difference on how likely a book is to sell. This can be especially true of ebooks, since the cover is the first (and perhaps only) thing a reader will see on the online store. A good synopsis and 5-star reviews help too, but most readers won’t see those things until they click on the book cover in order to see more information.

I’m not a skilled artist at all, which is why I’m hiring a professional for my book covers. I’ve seen some poorly made covers made by self-published authors, and the quality difference is obvious, even to an untrained eye. This self-publishing venture is a business, For any business to succeed, it takes the investment of a lot of time and money. The investments are going to be well worth it in the long run, though.

I’ve already made contact with the artist I’m going to hire to do the cover for “Radiance.” I had looked over several different artists, but there was one in particular whose art I just absolutely adored. I knew the moment I saw the samples on the artist’s website (which included book covers that had been made for other authors) that this person was the perfect choice for me. We’ve already discussed the style and the themes that are going to be portrayed in the cover art. I’m very excited about the ideas we’ve discussed, and I can’t wait to see the first mockups as the process goes on. Based on the schedule and timeline we discussed, the cover isn’t expected to be complete until after the kickstarter is over (which works out perfectly for having the funds available to pay the artist’s fees). I’ll probably send out a preview of the cover when it’s ready before the ebook itself is published, though since the rest of the book is complete I should be able to upload it for sale as soon as the art is ready.

Of course, I don’t know the exact fee for the art yet, since it’ll depend on the artist’s time and expenses. So I hope you’ll continue to help spread the word and help me rally more support for this project. The project is very nearly at the minimum $200 goal, but it will be a big help if it can surpass that.

Thank you for all your help.


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