Kickstarter Update #6: Poetry

You can also view this update on Kickstarter.

I don’t often see poetry included in works of fiction. “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings” contained some poems and songs, but they’re the sort of thing that doesn’t seem to be included often. Part of the reason is surely because poetry and fiction are very different writing styles. Comparing the two is like comparing singing to playing a musical instrument; both are forms of music, but the skills required for each are very different.

Before beginning work on the “Arcana Revived” series, I didn’t work with poetry often. I have studied it in college, and worked on it over the years, but it wasn’t a focal point of my work. The main reason I started working with poetry again is because Gabriella Palladino, the main protagonist of “Manifestation,” is a poet. Writing her character frequently put me in a poet’s mind frame, and I began writing poems from her perspective. Over time, I wrote a large number of poems that are all written as if Gabby were the one writing them. They were inspired by the events in her life, including the development of magic throughout the course of the novel.

The poetry collection included for most backer levels, “The Poetry of Gabriella Palladino,” contains poems that were inspired by mystical and tragic events. As a result, the poems have magical elements and supernatural themes. The sample poem I linked to, “Shadow,” is a good example of the supernatural themes in the poems. In that poem, Gabby’s shadow seems to come to life and speak to her. While this is metaphorical, not literal, it hints at the supernatural nature of the world Gabby is living in.

The poetry collection is almost 4000 words (40 pages in Word, double spaced). I hope those of you who selected a rewards package that includes the poetry collection will enjoy it, and see it as a good value for your contribution.

Thank you for your continued support. I’d appreciate if you’d continue to spread the word and let others know about this project. I’ve nearly hit my minimum goal after only a week, but the more people who see the project, the better chance there is of reaching the higher goals. A few tweets can go a long way.


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