Kickstarter Update #5: Sharing the Spotlight

As I mentioned in an earlier update, there are a lot of characters planned and developed for the “Arcana Revived” series. The issue with writing a novel sometimes is that you can’t tell the “whole” story. There is a main plot, and the events in the novel should always be relevant to that main plot.

With traditional publication, this usually leads to a lot of undeveloped potential in a novel’s world. We only get a very brief glimpse of Tom Bombadillo, Chase Brandstone, or any Weasley not named Ron. There just isn’t enough room for a lot of these interesting characters once they’ve served their purpose in the plot. As a result, they tend to disappear, and only sporadically surface again if they’re even seen again at all. Some book series (such as the Wheel of Time or the Xanth series) run long enough that a lot of the minor characters get plenty of development, but in most cases, the second string gets sidelined.

In some cases, spinoff series will end up focusing on the fascinating, but ultimately ignored characters that we see in a book series. My solution, however, is different. Rather than let these characters get sidelined, I’m writing short stories like “Radiance” to develop these secondary characters and tell their stories. This is something that I haven’t really seen before in traditional publications, unless there are enough stories together to make a compilation. I will probably release a compilation in the future after I’ve published enough stories, but to begin with I’m going to release them as singles. Ebooks are a good way to do this; I doubt many traditional publishers would want to print and distribute single stories from their authors, since it just wouldn’t be practical. With Ebooks, however, the game has changed. Anyone in the world can download a short story to their ereader with ease.

I also think it’ll be a good business plan. Writing, revising, and publishing a novel is a long and hard process. At best, I might be able to produce a novel once every year or two. Short stories, however, are easier to produce. I can release several each year, and that will give my fans (once I have some) something new of mine to read on a regular basis. It’ll keep them from forgetting me in the time between novel releases.

And in the long run, every short story I release will be one more product I have for sale. The more I have to sell, the more I have to offer my readers, and the more chance there is that I’ll be able to make my living off my writing.

I hope I’ll continue to gain more support in making this business plan become a reality.


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