Kickstarter Update #4: Goals to be Vanquished

First, I’d like to start this update by saying that today was an AMAZING day with AWESOME people showing their support. Four new backers today made astonishingly generous contributions, pushing me well over the halfway mark towards the base goal of the project. Here’s a look at the progress so far (see graph below). The blue line shows the progress day by day, up to today’s amazing leap in backers. The red line is a rough projection, showing that if progress continues the way it has been, my first goal of $200 will be reached before the end of August.

That goal? That goal is weak. It waits to be vanquished. That goal is like Frodo carrying the One Ring to Rivendell; he thought his adventure was over and he could pass the ring off to someone else, but the journey had just been begun. There’s plenty of time left to march this Kickstarter right into Mordor (though hopefully no one will lose any fingers in the process).

I’m working hard every day to spread the work about this project to as many people as possible. I can’t do it alone, though. I need the help of awesome people like you. You want to see that goal vanquished as much as I do, right? Then I hope you’ll help spread the word. Even if you don’t want to back the project yourself, it could make a huge difference if you send out a tweet and let your friends know about it. Tell your friends that you need their help demolishing a goal. Tell them it needs to be destroyed. I’m serious. Use an epic word in your tweet: vanquish, demolish, destroy, conquer, overthrow. Tell someone it’s their job to be triumphant and victorious over this puny goal. Because there’s bigger goals out there, and we can’t march up to face the next one until this one is obliterated.

Thank you for your help. I hope you’ll continue to lend me your support. This has been a great week, and I’ve never felt more confident about my writing career than I do now.

Kickstarter_Graph_8-24-13 2


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