Kickstarter Update #1: Some Background

I posted this update to my Radiance Kickstarter, but I’m reposting it here with the hopes of generating as much interest as possible. I hope you’ll consider taking a look at the fundraiser. Any support is greatly appreciated.


First, I’d like to give a very huge thanks to my first two backers, one of whom is a professor of mine from Rowan University (Trivia tidbit: he’s the one who taught me video editing, without which I wouldn’t have known how to make my kickstarter video (even though this video was very simple and straightforward compared to projects I’ve done in the past)).

Second, I thought I would take this time to share some more information about the background of the “Arcana Revived” series. I’ve been working on the first main novel for the series, “Manifestation,” for almost a year now. The background goes further back than that, however.

I first began developing the ideas for this series back in 2011. They began on a collaborative writing and roleplaying website, where multiple writers come to create joint stories where each person contributes a page at a time. The setting of the site was an urban fantasy environment, and that’s what first sparked the idea of writing urban fantasy (instead of medieval fantasy, as I had written in the past).

I developed the two main characters of “Manifestation,” Gabriella Palladino and Tock Zipporah, while writing on that site. I eventually decided that I wanted to expand my writing into something larger, since the collaborative site didn’t allow massive world-changing stories (since those would affect every other writer on the site; everyone had to keep the events they wrote small-scale to keep things open for the other writers). I had ideas that could go far beyond just two characters’ lives, so I started writing my own story so that I could develop something much grander.

I began building a world of my own, one where everything is based on belief. Belief plays a central role to the plot lines of both the novel “Manifestation” and the short story “Radiance.” Belief is what gives magic its power.

I’ll share some more details about this project in future updates. I hope it interests you enough to encourage you to support it. Thank you.


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