Kickstarter Project for the Short Story “Radiance”

Last week, I posted about the secret project I’ve been working on. It’s now live, and I hope you’ll go take a look at it:

I’m running a Kickstarter pledge drive for my new self-publishing career.

The link to the Kickstarter has a full explanation of the project details, but here are the basics. I’ve decided that “Manifestation,” and all other books in the “Arcana Revived” series are going to be self-published. I’ve been doing a LOT of research into self-publishing lately, and while it’s sure to be a major challenge, I’m confident that I can pull it off. However, there are some challenges that I need to deal with.

The first challenge is paying for cover art. I have a particular artist I’m interested in hiring, but before I can hire her, I need to be able to afford to pay her. Considering that I’m also living alone, paying rent, and covering tuition costs for my grad school education at Rowan, putting out the money for cover art ($200 minimum, maybe more, for a single piece of art) is an expense I can’t really afford. Especially since I don’t know how long it will take for book sales to be high enough to turn a profit after putting out the money in advance.

Therefore, I’m holding a Kickstarter fundraiser with the hopes of raising the money to pay for the cover art (and, hopefully, other expenses like a professional editor). I’m hoping to self-publish multiple works. So far, the “Arcana Revived” series is a minimum of three novels (Manifestation, Contamination, and Collapse). There are also multiple short stories I’ve written and plan to publish along with it (Radiance, Man of Faith, Soldier of Light, and a few others, possibly including revised and expanded versions of Crying and Maternal Instincts, the flash fiction stories I posted online). The first ebook I’m planning to release is for the short story “Radiance,” since it’s the one I’ve put the most work into so far (It’s been through five revisions and two critiques, and is polished to as perfect as I can get it). I’m planning to release “Radiance” as a sort of preview for the events in my world, before “Manifestation” is ready.

But I’m not just asking for donations; if you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, here’s how it works: Backers pledge a certain amount of money, and in exchange, they get rewards. The Kickstarter page itself details the specific rewards I’m offering, but I’ll give a basic summary here. For a $1 pledge (which is also going to be the ebook price for the “Radiance” short story), you get a copy of the ebook. It’s basically like preordering. The ebook contains the 3000 word short story, and a poem written from the perspective of Gabby Palladino, the main protagonist of “Manifestation.” For higher pledge amounts, you can also receive a special thanks credit in the ebook, and an additional PDF of Gabby Palladino’s poems. I’m also offering professional critiques, so if you pledge a certain amount, I will proofread/critique a work of yours for you. Then I’m offering ghostwriting services; for different pledge amounts, you can buy a story that I will write according to your specifications. You tell me what you want to see, and I write it for you. After it’s done, you own the story, and you can sell it, publish it, or whatever.

That’s basically it. My hope is to raise enough money to at least buy the first cover art, for “Radiance.” I’m also hoping to raise enough for the other books in the series, but I’m focusing on one goal at a time. I hope you’ll help me launch my self-publishing career (and you’ll get cool rewards in the process!). Please take a look, and forward it to your friends if you think any of them would be interested.

I’ll be posting regular updates, both here and on the Kickstarter page, as the drive continues over the next 30 days. Thank you.


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