Secret Project

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed me recently tweeting about a #SecretProject. Well, I’m here to say… that it’s still a secret.

But it won’t be much longer.

I’ve been working on this project for the last few weeks. Some parts of it I actually started months ago, but there were critiques and revisions that had to be done, and then I set it aside for a time while I got the rest of the pieces in place. Now that they are in place, I’m working on finalizing revisions and getting ready for things to happen.

I’m being intentionally vague, but that’s just how it is. However, rest assured that everything will be revealed in time. Most likely next week (if there are no unexpected delays).

There’s not much else to say in this post, since there’s not much more I can say without saying too much. But I hope you’ll check back soon in order to see some exciting news (at least, I’m excited about it, though that doesn’t mean you have to be).

Until next time, folks.


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