Changes to the Blog

Hi folks. I’ve got a little unscheduled blog post now (which feels a bit weird since I’m on this whole “following a schedule” thing now). I’m posting this unscheduled since it’s more of a “personal stuff” blog post and not so much of a “professional stuff” blog post. I feel like the scheduled posts should remain more devoted to specific stuff and be less ramble-y (yes, I’m a professional writer, and I just used the word ramble-y).

So anyway, the point of this post is to mention that I’m in the middle of some adjustments to the blog setup. They’re not done yet, and I may continue fiddling with things for awhile. The main changes so far, and the most noticeable, is that I’ve taken “Manifestation,” including “Gabby’s Diary” down from the blog.

There are several reasons I decided to do this, but the most prominent one is that the novel has changed a lot since it was originally posted here. I’ve cut quite a few bad scenes (totaling easily 20,000 words), and added quite a few new ones that were never originally posted on the blog. The “main” core of the story has mostly remained the same (give or take some general revisions), but the beginning and part of the ending are substantially different. I didn’t want to leave the old version posted online when it now represents a substantially different story. It would be kinda like showing the “Director’s Cut” of a movie in theatres instead of waiting until the DVD comes out. When the two versions of the movie are so different, you need to decide which one the audience will first be exposed to.

Revisions, meanwhile, are moving along at a slow pace. I’ve been distracted by a few side projects (such as freelancing work for clients). I’ve also got a #SuperSecret project coming up, but Shhhhhhh, you’re not supposed to know about that.

Also, I’ve added a new Published Works page to the blog. There’s not much there right now, since I’ve only been “officially” published in one location (plus two flash fiction pieces I posted on other blogs). However, that’s going to change in the not-too-distant future, so I figured I should get a place ready for them.

That’s all for now. I’ll be back on Sunday with another “official” blog post (and no, I have NO idea what it’ll be about. I’ll probably make something up right when it’s due.).


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