My Journey as a Professional Writer, Part 3: Obstacles

Today’s post is inspired by an obstacle that I’m dealing with at the moment. Specifically, my internet is down.

Your first question is probably, “How are you posting something online without internet access?” Which, actually, is the point of this post.

Obstacles are always going to pop up throughout your life. Errands will need to be run, bills will need to be paid, accidents will happen, and the services you rely on every day will occasionally fail.

When that happens, you have a choice. You can decide to let the obstacle get in the way, or you can find a way around it. I’m writing this post in an app on my cell phone called “Writer,” and I’m going to post it using my WordPress mobile app. It’s a bit more difficult to do it this way; typing on my phone is slower, and it’s harder to access WordPress’s formatting options when using the mobile app. However, I made a commitment to myself that I would set a posting schedule and stick to it, so here I am.

Being without internet access is causing me a lot of other issues, too. I’m finding ways to get around them. Yesterday, I went down to school to use Rowan’s computer labs to write a paid blog post for the Rowan University Admissions Blog. I didn’t ‘have’ to; I’m not on a fixed posting schedule at Rowan, so I could have skipped a day. However, I’m trying to make a living off my writing, and the lost hours would have led to a lower paycheck. So to make sure I got the work done, I found someplace to get online and do it.

There are lots of other ways to make sure obstacles don’t get in the way of your writing. For my revisions, I keep “Manifestation” on a flash drive I can take with me anywhere. This means I can revise on my laptop, or at a school computer when I’m on campus. Cloud programs like Dropbox can also be useful for making sure you have access to your important work, wherever you are. By using such tools, you’ll never have to use “I wasn’t at home” or “My computer was down” as an excuse not to work.

Heck, even “I was busy running errands” isn’t a great excuse. I’m writing this at Walmart right now while I do my grocery shopping. I write at the laundromat. I write when I’m in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. I write at my restaurant job when I’m waiting for an order to be ready. I never go anywhere without my phone, and so I’m never unable to write.

Think of all the times and places you see people texting. That could be you, writing.

My internet should be fixed tomorrow morning. I COULD have just put all this off until then. But when something is important, I think I should find a way to bypass the obstacles and make sure nothing gets in my way. Especially considering I am working freelance, which is the equivalent of running my own business. I’m not going to be successful if I don’t learn to get past whatever problems get in my way.

Thankfully my obstacles so far have been small. I’m not sure how I’d adapt to something bigger and more tragic. But if I find myself facing a larger obstacle, I’m not going to give up. I’m going to step back, regroup, and come up with a new plan fitting to my particular idiom.


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