Number Nerd, Part 10

Some time back, I made a post about being a Number Nerd. This is the second post in the Number Nerd series, so it’s part 10.

(Half of you will get that joke, the other 1 in 10 won’t.)

This has been an epic week for my #NumberNerdery. It started with the day I had

Binary Tweets
Binary Tweets

Binary Tweets! In this moment, I had exactly 220 following/followers! It was a most epic moment indeed!

But the binary fun didn’t end there, for a few moments later I had to post a tweet about it:

Binary Tweets 10
Binary Tweets 10

(Almost no one got the joke.)

And now, today will be the LAST time for a long while I can claim binary status again, for today I reached

#FF1111 Following and 1111 Followers!

Yes, I am an FF!

That’s 15*15 which is 255 for you non-hexadecimal people.

This is a proud moment for me. Some people celebrate hitting 1000 or 2000 or some other lame-base-ten number like that. I prefer thinking in different terms.

So, celebrate this moment with me, for it’s the last one I’ll have for a long, long time! It’s now impossible for me to be binary again until well after the 10k mark.

Here’s to the little moments in a #NumberNerd’s life!


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