Cut and Gone

So I sat down and did some serious revisions today. Worked on them for a good three or four steady hours. I got through several chapters, added some necessary changes to three particular scenes that I knew needed work, and all in all made some decent progress.

I also did some of the cuts I mentioned I had to do. I hacked out six full pages that I felt weren’t helping the story. Of course, there’s still quite a bit more that I feel like I might need to cut soon. I just haven’t entirely decided what yet. The pages I cut today were chosen because I was working on those sections during the three scenes I mentioned above. Part of what I changed and added to those three scenes was essentially replacing the stuff that wasn’t helping the story with different (albeit indirectly related) stuff that was.

Hopefully the rest of the cuts will come soon. Meanwhile I’ve got about another 170 pages of revisions to get through in the coming weeks. I’m still shooting for a July 1st deadline.


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