Now, where were we?

So, how about those revisions, eh?

I made a post, oh, three months ago, about how I wanted to get revisions done by March 1st.

Yeah, that didn’t happen.

School got in the way. I was uber busy, having trouble just keeping up with school work alone, without any spare time to revise. I’ve done a page here, a page there, but nothing major. There are still several major scenes that need to be substantially changed, some stuff to be added, and a good 200 pages of general line edits to get through. It’s a mess, and it hasn’t been touched much in awhile.

School ended last week. I’ve spent the time since then getting caught up on overdue errands, worrying about bills, and generally trying to settle into a new routine. A new routine that leaves me with THREE full days off a week now (days which used to be filled with classes). These days SHOULD now be filled with revisions.

So I’m giving it another go. There’s no excuses left now other than general laziness or depression, neither of which is a valid reason  not to write. I need to get back into the “write every day” zone I had going for awhile. Not that I haven’t been doing ANY writing… about five days a week I’ve been writing for the Rowan University Admissions Blog, which is a paid writing job and thus a very good, very high priority gig. It’s also the main reason this blog has been neglected (aside from Storytime Mondays posts) since most of my school-related thoughts have been going over there. If I have a post to write about the burdens, trials, and events in my academic life, I write them where I can be paid to do so. I haven’t had anything to write about OTHER than school stuff for the most part, so I haven’t blogged much here.

We’ll see how this goes from this point on. Revisions are going to be getting a high priority again. Blog posts here might become more frequent (though blog posts at Rowan will still be continuing multiple days a week). Storytime Mondays should continue for awhile, since I still have TONS of old stories and poems I haven’t posted yet. And the sequel to “Manifestation,” which will be titled “Contamination,” will continue to be slowly written as a side project while the first book is being polished. With any luck (and a lot of determination), I should have the current draft of revisions done by the end of summer.

Let’s shoot for July 1st. That’s six weeks to revise a little under 200 pages. Can I do it?


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