Storytime Mondays: Ants Don’t Do Atkins

This story was written for a creative writing class at Rowan University in January of 2008. The assignment was to write a “fable,” though it ended up coming out as more of a poem. However, it still has “fable” aspects since it involves talking animals (ants) and a moral/lesson (something about dieting and judgment, maybe?).



When I was sitting at McDonalds, eating a number 2

An Ant crawled across my table out of the blue

The Ant asked, Can I have the rest of your fries?

You don’t need them, look at your thighs

You should diet, exercise, and fret

You don’t need to eat all that

Me, about diets, I don’t need to think

I’ll eat your fries, and drink your drink

And though cholesterol may clog your heart

I’ll be fine, so isn’t it smart

To share your fine meal with me

So I can live my life carefree

Unlike you, who’ll gain five pounds

As your belly gets ever more round

Your arteries are sure to clog

You never even go out to jog

But me, I work all day long

So share your food, it can’t be wrong!

See?  Now there’s a friendly chum

Pass me the fries, the shake, yum yum

There we go, and —wait, you!

What are you doing with that shoe?

Don’t get any ideas with that!

You would never make me — *SPLAT*




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