No Time

I’ve mostly given up on making any decent progress with anything until the end of the semester. Every time I start to get caught up on school work, something else gets added on. I am just treading water to stay on top of it all now.

There is some light at the end of the tunnel, though, for a few reasons:

1. Of the 12 textbooks I’m supposed to read this semester, 7 are done, finished, over with, an 8th is optional for an assignment I’ve found out I won’t have to do (basically it was extra credit I do NOT need), and the 9th and 10th I’m halfway through. That leaves only two more to read front to back, and one of them is short.
2. One of my classes was only half the semester long. It’s done now. I have two TINY things to finish for that class and submit online to have my obligations met. If I can do those over spring break, that’s over.
3. Another “class” is a single assignment in the form of a semester-long project that I haven’t started yet. BUT if I just get some free time, I can bang it out uber fast and easy cause it’s nothing I consider complicated. It’s just been one of those, “Nope, don’t have time for this” type of things.
4. Once these things are all done, there shouldn’t be anything ELSE to interfere with my revisions. 

So… Here’s hoping?


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