Vote for Storytime Mondays

I have a huge number of available stories that can be posted here, and I’m having a bit of trouble trying to decide which one should be tomorrow’s choice. So I figured, hey, let’s see if anyone has a preference.

So if you’re interested, you can vote for one of three options by posting a comment here. Whichever option gets the most votes will be the story I post for tomorrow’s “Storytime Mondays.”

Option 1: “Time for Reflection”, a medieval fantasy short story, originally written around 2000, in which a pyrokinetic man named Ketrin explores the abandoned ruins of a mine.

Option 2: “Fragmented”, a futuristic Sci Fi story, originally written spring of 2012, about a girl named Kit. Kit has a dual mind (half biological/half computer) that starts to break down, leaving the two halves exposed and vulnerable.

Option 3: “A Hard Time in the Big Easy”, a modern fantasy story originally written February 2011, which is a story about Gabby. This is actually the first story is ever wrote about her, long before I “rebooted” her for “Manifestation.” (Note: The original story was part of a collaborative storytelling site, and as such I can only post my sections, leaving out the later segments that were written by others. Therefore this story will be in the form of a stand-alone sample chapter. It stands quite well on its own, though.)

If there is enough overall interest, I’ll carry over the two options that don’t get picked into next week, add a new third option, and hold a new vote. That way each week there’d be a new selection, but the initial options would stay in the running each week until they get picked.

So which story would you like to read?


9 thoughts on “Vote for Storytime Mondays”

  1. I really wanna say option 3, because I wanna see the background of Gabby for my own personal reasons, but my ACTUAL VOTE is for “Fragmented” because that sounds awesome and is relevant to my current interests. šŸ™‚

  2. At 4 votes, “Fragmented” is the clear winner! The story will be posted momentarily.
    The other stories will be in the running for next week’s “Storytime Mondays.”

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