Number Nerd


I’ve waited two months for this day. Ever since the day I passed 8192 Tweets!  Today I have tweeted 16,384 times! That’s TWO TO THE FOURTEENTH POWER! That’s 4000 in Hexadecimal! That’s 100000000000000 in Binary!

Yes, I’m a huge nerd. Yes, NO ONE ELSE seems to get it (Except for @Cylithria, God bless her).  But to me, this is an epic and wonderful moment.  I’m happier about this than about hitting 10,000.  I think in binary.  This is who I am.  Deal with it.

#NumberNerd out!


4 thoughts on “Number Nerd”

  1. I think in songs, and random images. I think in search engine algos and html. Sometimes I think in French, sometimes in SQL. It’s what makes the world go around. I really didn’t get the number tweet though. 🙂

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