Storytime Mondays

Storytime Mondays

There has been a severe lack of stories making their way onto this site lately. The only posts I’ve been making are occasional blog posts updating about my revisions (or lack thereof). I’ve decided to fix that.

Like many writers, I have about a bajillion old stories sitting around. Many were written in creative writing classes. Some were written for fun. A lot of them SUCK (at least, in my own overly-self-critical opinion). But what they all have in common is that they’re all sitting on my computer, collecting proverbial dust, and not being read.

So starting tomorrow, and continuing until I go, “Oh, CRAP, I forgot I was supposed to do that this week!” I will be posting something new every Monday. The content will range from short stories, to poems, to random writings I have lying around. Some might be excerpts from the ‘old’ Gabby and Tock before I rebooted them for “Manifestation.” Some will be other characters I wrote in the same setting with them. Some will just be old story ideas I never did anything with. Hopefully, though, they’ll all be interesting.

And if you follow me on Twitter (@cantrelljason) feel free to nudge/nag/remind me if I forget!


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