Back in the Saddle

So over the past week, when I’ve revised at all, it’s only been like, a page.

Tonight I managed 8 pages.

I still don’t consider that to be much, compared to what I was doing before the new school semester started.  The heavy load of reading for classes has been bogging me down.  I’m working on catching up on it and (hopefully) will be caught up soon and be able to set up a more regular schedule for myself.

In the meantime, I squeeze work in where I can, when I can.

Here’s hoping I manage another 8+ tomorrow.  I’ve got 160 to go in Draft Three.  If, somehow, I could manage 8 pages every day (it was about an hour’s worth of work), I could be done this draft within three weeks.


6 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle”

      1. There is a line of pushing to hard and then pushing TOO hard. Pushing hard is good, pushing TOO hard won’t help. You’ll think I’m getting a lot done but then you’ll crash and it’ll take days before you can get back to it. Speaking from experience here. 😀

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